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Biographie What is Geopathic Stress?

Due to the electromagnetic waves and emitted radiation that surround this planet, geopathic stress home remedies is an invisible stress that exists on earth. The electromagnetic waves are made up of parallel rays that travel from north to south and from east to west as they rise vertically from the ground. Both positive and negative waves are said to be descending on the surface of the earth, and studies have shown that negative waves could have terrible impacts on those living stressful lives and suffering from ailments.

Our homes have turned into a polluted hub of harmful electromagnetic waves that are wreaking havoc on lives as a result of the rise in artificial sources of radioelectric frequencies. Geopathic stress has increased unexplainably over the past few decades in homes that are surrounded by lethal electromagnetic radiations. High-voltage power lines buried below and cosmic radiation all serve as breeding grounds for cancer and other hazardous diseases. A building becomes ill due to geopathic stress, also known as sick building syndrome, which is caused by radiation and waves.

How to detect?

With the help of a dowsing tool, which has historically been used to identify harmful energies in a home, it is now possible to locate geopathic stress zones. When L and Y dowsing rods are used to check the perimeter of a sick building, especially the exterior, accurate results can be obtained. Today, the majority of medical and non-medical practitioners use dowsing rods to quickly find geopathically stressed areas.


The affected area must be treated once geopathic stress has been identified. The sleeping area is the most affected area since geopathic waves can damage people while they are immobile during sleep. While we can't actually make changes to our home to relieve geopathic stress, we can at least make the area more conducive to relaxation. Currently, professionals treat GS using one of three methods:

Blocking the negativity with cork: Cork (outer layer of oak tree) is considered to have natural blocking power and if your sleeping is affected with geopathic stress than put a piece of cork beneath your mattress. While installing cork mat or tiles which are easy to avail in market today will surely give relief from GS.

Neutralize the GS: Essentially neutralizing is another method of dealing with geopathic stress under critical situations. Devices like Hartmann spirals and flat dielectrical resonators are placed under the bed to discard GS. Electronic machines plugged in main switch are good option to neutralize the geopathic afflicted area and dowsers are ideal and commonly used by most practitioners.

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